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The Team

Who We Are


Stefanie FialA

President - Founder

Stefanie is mother to Leelu and Minaii.

Inspired by her love for God, her daughters, and her own life's struggles as a single-mother, she decided to share her story with the hopes it helps other women and children going through similar situations.

 Hearing the stories of women and children around her inspired her to create "Minaii's House."

Tania Salmeron


Tania is mother to Jocelyn and a long-time friend of Stefanie's. As a single-mother herself, she knows the hardships and difficulties in the choices mothers have to make for their children and themselves. She joined the village at Minaii's house as soon as she heard the mission.


Kanesha Thom


Kanesha is godmother to Leelu and Minaii and a long-time friend of Stefanie's. She has witnessed struggles women face as single-mothers and has stood by their side in support. She continues to do so on our team here at "Minaii's House."

Leelu Fiala

lead designer

Leelu is the oldest daughter of Stefanie and big sister to Minaii and Amora. Inspired by her love for her family and God, using her art to create and express herself, she wants to help those in need, to succeed. 

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